HURRY! 13 Pair of Basic Editions Jeans $40.53 MONEYMAKER!

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Here is how to score the very best deals at Kmart and Sears!

  1. Add me (Stacy King Maines) as your FREE Personal Shopper
  2. HURRY! ADD 13 Pair of  these Men’s Basic Edition Jeans to your cart! Add a $5 Off $35 Apparel Coupon. You will pay $52.07 and you will get Back $92.60 in Points!
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This post may contain affiliate links, including Amazon.  Please visit our Privacy Policy and Disclosures.


  1. Wow – such a great deal for a big family!

  2. Jeanie Diaz more mm

  3. Any size, men’s, women’s, children’s?

  4. How long will this be valid Stacy King Maines?

  5. Let me check the details for you but I bet they sell out before it ends

  6. 20 back on 20 mens jeans eand the end of the month the clearance part I cannot find a date on

  7. Another of those not available at my store. Oh well I am suppose to be done.

  8. Ther are some available by me but not my husbands size

  9. Hmm thinking about doing this to donate them.

  10. A couple of things that were missing from the description. This only works on Men’s jeans (Levi’s are included). You CANNOT redeem points as part of the payment or you will not earn the bonus points. Still a fantastic deal. I got $70+ in points back on 3 pairs of Levi’s. Also, adding $5 off coupon took away $10 in points, so I skipped it.

    • I specified the jeans to this Men’s style, Men’s is specified in the post, because they are the lowest priced so they are more bang for your buck. I did post a separate deal with the Levis the other day. These Jeans are also triggering a Clearance jean deal whereas the levis were not. I have heard the Levis is a glitch and is rewarding the points twice ( I did not post my levis deal that way) so I would be careful because not everyone got back what was promised because it was an error on the Levis only.
      As always we will post of points are rolling if not you never pay with points. Hope that helped,

    • I got last weeks deal, too. The link today didn’t take me to jeans, just to the kmart home page. When I sorted through making it work, most were sold out, so I tried Levi’s. This is still a great deal, I just wanted to share a combo that I found that worked. 🙂 The jeans are bogo half off, plus get $20 when you spend $20 on men’s jeans. I only bought 3 because adding another pair didn’t increase my rewards. I’ll end up making about $10 off the deal on Levi’s! It’s awesome! Thanks for helping sort through the kmart/sears deals. I’d all but given up on them because the rewards never hit correctly for me. I just need to shop online instead of in store so I can see how it will work instead of waiting until the transaction is complete to look at my receipt.

    • Yeah I find online easier also

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