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DIY Homemade Laundry Stain Spray: The Dish Soap Version

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DIY Homemade Laundry Stain Spray

DIY Homemade Laundry Stain Spray

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This week, Princess Thanya whips up a batch of DIY Homemade Laundry Stain Spray.  See what happens…


Princess Thanya…When I started this project I found a lot of different versions for stain fighters aimed at saving money.  I saw this one enough times to make me think we should try it out.  I like that its made out of stuff I already have or can cheaply obtain.


What do you need?

2/3 cups Dish Soap, I used Dawn

2/3 cup Ammonia

6 tbls or 3 oz baking soda

2 cups warm water (warm helps everything mesh better)


(I spy my DIY Homemade Laundry Detergent jug in the background ☺)


What do you do?

Combine the ingredients in a container.  The mix will suds up so be careful you don’t make a huge mess.

Then wave your spoon over like a magic wand and say COUPONS COUPONS COUPONS!

Nah just kidding!  But that was a fun step I added.

All in all took under 10 minutes.  Pour it into a spray bottle and you are ready to kill those stains!

Each time you use it you will need to shake it because the baking soda will settle.

This is safe on all colors, but do not use on anything you will be washing with bleach as it does contain ammonia and you will have a chemical reaction on your hands!  See the danger of mixing bleach and ammonia.



How much does it cost? 

Well, if you coupon already the dish soap is usually free or almost free.  Mine was free.  Now this is a small bottle so if you want to buy a larger bottle at the 99 cent store or Dollar Tree then you might be out of pocket 75 to 50 cents and this will be enough for 4 batches or .19 cents a batch (99 cents less .25 cent coupon usually at the Dollar Tree).  I bought a jug of Ammonia at the Dollar Tree and a box of baking soda so out of pocket was $2.  I will have enough to make more, as since I have a small bottle of dish soap I have enough to make this twice.  The Ammonia will make 13 batches so that was .07 cents a batch,  and a box of baking soda is enough to make 6 batches or .17 cents per batch.    After all the calculations you are looking at .43 a batch for this type of stain spray (about 27 oz)! 

Ok so the million dollar question is how did it work? 

Again there are times when I do wonder if these concoctions work.  I sprayed/treated my ketchup/hot sauce stained tshirt that had sat in my hamper for over a week  (I did this on purpose, I don’t get this dirty when I eat LOL).


TICK TOCK…(I have Ke$sha’s song Tik Tok playing in my mind LOL)…since it had been a very old stain I let it sit 30 min before adding to a load of laudry with my trusty DIY detergent and running in the washer.  Like with all stain fighters I believe that if you spray it when it happens its best.

Out it came!  Clean it IS!


Will I continue to make this version?  Not necessarily.  I like to have a simple routine so the one that I wrote about last week where I use the undiluted DIY detergent is probably going to be my favorite.  That being said, I have a batch of this so I will use it for the laundry.


This post may contain affiliate links, including Amazon.  Please visit our Privacy Policy and Disclosures.


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