Scary Great Deal! Score FREE Halloween Candy!

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Here is how to score the very best deals at Kmart and Sears!

  1. Add me (Stacy King Maines) as your FREE Personal Shopper
  2. Kmart is having a KILLER DEAL on certain Office supplies — and candy is included!  When you spend between $15 and $25, members score 100% back in points (through 9/27).  You CAN buy each one of these, or multiples of the same one, BUT this is IMPORTANT — Check out one at a time!  ALSO DO NOT uses any points to pay or you WILL NOT get the points back.  ► SEE ALL THE CANDY HERE ◄   If you are a MAX member, shipping is FREE also.  Sign up for the free MAX trial — there is NO auto renewal and NO payment information to enter.  Points will generally be awarded when items ship.
  3. Make sure to score ALL the best deals at Sears and Kmart — Join my Shop Your Way Facebook group Personal Shopping with Stacy to connect with other Shop Your Way members!  We have a very active community and would love to have you with us.   
  4. Score FREE printable coupons and search my FREE coupon database as well.

This post may contain affiliate links, including Amazon.  Please visit our Privacy Policy and Disclosures.


  1. Stacy King Maines were you reading my mind I was just thinking last night how I needed the good candy deals to come along! I keep a candy bucket here for my niece when she comes over so she can have a few pieces, and my moms church does a fall party for the area kids and really needs extra donations this year so I committed to candy… I might need some for myself too who knows when its free!!!

  2. No stop posting things I could use!

  3. I gotta do this one! After I get rid of some expiring points. ?

  4. The products at the link are quite different now than they were yesterday. Are all those products also included in the 100% back? Thanks.

  5. Everything that was there the first day is still there they just added a few more things. I’d buy that 44 Oz peanut butter filled pretzels but I got no self control for carbs. Candy yes, carbs no… I’d have those go in a week…mm

    • That’s how I am. Carbs nom nom nom.

    • Yep. I had to stop buying them. Chips don’t even make it into my cart now. But I have a bowl that has day after easter candy that my niece has been munching on when she comes over, I’ve not touched it once. It will get filled with after Halloween candy, and topped off with after Christmas candy, and topped off again with after valentine’s day candy. The girls will dominate it and I will still have probably not eaten a bite of it. *Sigh*

  6. They have been adding stuff to the 100% back every dew days

  7. are any of these items in stock?

  8. mines all shows temporarily unaviable.

    • I just checked 5 things all showed they were available for shipping, but I think it can be different for different areas, maybe they are not stocked in your processing centers. Verify your zip code is entered correctly. The other day I had this happen and they had me as a flordia zip, I changed it and it said it was available. The sites been glitchy latley.

  9. When is the last day to get this deal?

  10. 9/27

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