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5 Tips for Organizing the New Toy Mess

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The day after Christmas is one of my least favorite days of the year. Yeah, I said it.

All the gifts I meticulously shopped deals to get, and so nicely wrapped, are all over the house.  The kids rooms are messier than ever before, so is the rest of the house, and this momma is exhausted from the run up and then cooking all day. But I can’t rest.  Not yet. Not until my house is decluttered and everything is organized – especially the toys! Here are my five best tips for organizing toys after Christmas:

Pitch it: Explaining to your child that her barbie with no hair and one leg is trash can be heartbreaking, and more tense than international negotiations. The best day to do this, (besides when she is NOT AROUND!) is the day shes occupied with her new toys. Sift through the toy box, and be brutal.  Gather everything that is broken and missing pieces, and toss it in the trash!  You will feel awesome.

Rotate it: Kids don’t need 20+ toys to play with every single day. In all honesty, the more toys a child has, the less likely they are to play with them, or appreciate what they have. Keep 10-15 of their new and very favorite ones out and box the rest. In a month, when they have become bored of the toys you left out, put those away and bring out the ones you put away. It will feel like Christmas morning every time you rotate a box.

Sell it or Donate it: Make a big pile of toys that are in great condition that you child has grown out of or totally lost interest in and find a local charity to donate them to, or list them on local buy/sell/trade sites.  I love including the kids in the donation, because it’s easier for them to give their toys away if they know a new child is going to get to love them!  We do this BEFORE Christmas, and we do it again AFTER!

Rearrange it: Sometimes a quick rearrangement of existing toy storage bins can make all the difference. Move the toy box to a different area. Remember, if you can’t close the toy box, that means there needs to be more in the donate or rotate box.

Label it: I love labels. I would label everything in my house if it wouldn’t look silly. You can use word labels for older kids, or picture labels for younger kids. Showing your child that everything has a place and everything should be in it’s place will help save your sanity and keep the toys organized.   Make them help clean up and care for their playthings so that they will mean more to them.

What toy organization tips do you have?

This post may contain affiliate links, including Amazon.  Please visit our Privacy Policy and Disclosures.

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