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I have been  thinking about getting some Cloud storage, mainly for my phone but also for my laptop.  I take a lot of pictures of deals and just life in general, and it is a hassle to remember to upload them to my computer.  I am also scared that if I ever lost or damaged my phone that all those images would be lost before I remembered to download them.  I found SugarSync and I am loving it.

Just for signing up you score FREE 5G of cloud storage and full access, and if you need more the plans start at only $4.99 a month )or $49 a year if you pay in advance), for 30G of storage for your images, music, movies, video, files, for all your devices…all accessible from anywhere you can get online.  No credit card or billing information is required to sign up for the free account.  Here is a cool part: you can earn additional FREE storage by doing things like downloading the mobile app and uploading files.  I earned a total of over 2G + the free 5G = 7G!!  For my needs, for now, I think the free account will be plenty.  Even after I backed up my phone and several files on my laptop I still have almost 7G of storage still available!  

My favorite part so far is the mobile app.  This is the main reason I wanted cloud storage.  I am still playing with the app and the software, but I LOVE that it uploads the images automatically to SugarSync.  No more remembering to transfer my photos and no more time-consuming uploads when I get home from Target and want to get the deal pics posted quickly.  I am impatient haha and now they will be right there, waiting for me.  Gotta love that!  No more losing flash sticks and replacing lost SD cards for me because all my data is getting backed up to SugarSync from now on.

Check out SugarSync and grab your Free 5GB – Access all your data.  Anytime.  Anywhere.  SugarSync is instant and secure online file sync and backup for your PC, Mac, or Mobile Device!

This post may contain affiliate links, including Amazon.  Please visit our Privacy Policy and Disclosures.

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