Send a Card to Someone in Need and Spread Hope and Cheer

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Mildred Morris ‘Room full of cards!

We are always looking for ways to shine some light into the darkness of the world.  A girl I know from the frugal world, Liz Linen, wanted to help her grandmother when she was ill and hospitalized.  Liz reached out to the coupon community and asked if people would send her grandma Mildred a few cards for Christmas.  A few cards turned into a lot of cards, and though she has since passed away, those cards brought joy into her room and her heart.  Liz started The Morris Project in her grandmother’s honor.  The purpose of The Morris Project is to bring some goodness to bad times for people who are in need.  The Morris Project regularly features stories requesting cards for someone who needs a boost, to know that people DO care.  Cards of all kinds are needed, from Birthdays to Get Well to Holidays to Just Hang In There. There is a need 365 days a year.  Just reading some of the heartfelt stories of people who really need some love will make you ever so grateful for your own blessings, and wanting to share some blessings with someone else.  

Please take a few minutes to check out The Morris Project, and send a few cards to those who need a boost.  Small acts of kindness add up to a tidal wave of caring and love to wash over the world.  This is a huge need year round, but particularly at the Holidays when people feel at their lowest many times.  YOU know how special you feel when you get a card in the mail!!  Sending a card would make a huge difference for a stranger, so what do you say?  This is a great opportunity to teach your kids about kindness and compassion.  I am letting my little one color some homemade cards for the recipients and we will be mailing them this week.  

We wish you Peace, Love, and Happiness.  #PayItForward #TheMorrisProject




This post may contain affiliate links, including Amazon.  Please visit our Privacy Policy and Disclosures.

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