HOT! MONEYMAKER on Joe Boxer Slipper Socks!

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Here is how to score the very best deals at Kmart and Sears!

  1. Add me (Stacy King Maines) as your FREE Personal Shopper if you don’t have one already!
  2. ADD 2 Pair of Joe Boxer Slipper Socks ($6.99 each) to you cart at Kmart! Choose In Store Pick Up! They are B1G1 50%. You will pay $10.48 and will get back $10.52 making it a MONEYMAKER!
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This post may contain affiliate links, including Amazon.  Please visit our Privacy Policy and Disclosures.


  1. Is this rolling?

  2. I was just about to ask that.

  3. I tried using $10 in points and it didn’t work.

  4. Nope:(

  5. Is it just once or just women’s or anything? My cart says 105 in points back.

  6. Do you still get the points if you use points to pay for it?

  7. We will say when it is rolling, (using points and still earn them) otherwise assume it is going to be an oop situation and can’t use points.

  8. Has anyone been able to get the deal with men’s slipper socks?

  9. Thank you for sharing Stacy King Maines….. I was just thinking last night how I wanted some slipper socks and these are perfect and a MM to add. 😉

  10. How long does it take to get the points back?

  11. I didn’t get the bonus points, just the regular amount of points even though they showed up when I set it up for purchase

  12. Should I just wait until tomorrow.

  13. Did you pick it up yet or did it ship?

  14. I picked it up, but I paid in the store… maybe that’s why?

  15. I got some for my old lady angel tree gals, thanks!

  16. And now I just ordered some for me!

  17. You can do this more than once, too! I’ve found several of the $6.99 holiday socks that work. But, you have to do each two as separate orders to get the separate points. (For example, I ordered two, will get the points back; then I did another order of two and will get the points back. I’m picking up.)

  18. So far, I know that these say they’ll give back points (I’m keeping some and saving some for last minute gifts):

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