#Deal | FREE Shoes! Yes ladies RUN…!!!

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Want some FREE shoes, worth 40 bucks?  These are the ones I ordered, cute right?  I thought they would be great with jeans this fall!  But I digress…back to how I am getting them for FREE.

First, you need to join Just Fabulous and you score $20 off instantly (EXPIRED)  

JOIN NOW then click Continue to Sale


Then you need to fill out your profile.  It takes just a few minutes and I thought it was fun.  Once you finish, you can start shopping.  ALL the shoes are $39.95 less your $20 off = $19.95 and Shipping is FREE!  PLUS you get a FREE subscription to Entertainment Weekly.


Here is where the FREE part comes in.  Click the View Details link under the magazine in your cart.  A form will pop up (you may need to disable your popup blocker).  Print this form because instead of the magazine subscription, you can request a refund!  The Entertainment Weekly is a $25 value so by my math that is $25 less $19.95 = + $5.05 Moneymaker!


You DO have to pay the $19.95 and wait for the refund.  Print the order confirmation page as proof of purchase and send it on its way!  For FREE shoes I think it is totally worth it.  This was offered previously and I missed it, so I am super excited that I get it this time.  My confirmation said my shoes will ship in 0-2 days so I hope I get them in a week or so.  

PLEASE NOTE!  You need to cancel your membership as soon as you receive your order unless you intend to stay in the program.  There is no obligation to purchase. Click Skip The Month by the 5th and you will not be charged. You can skip as many months as you’d like. If You Do Not Make A Purchase Or Skip The Month By The 5th, You’ll Be Charged $39.95 For A Member Credit On The 6th.

Here is how to Skip the Month:


This post may contain affiliate links, including Amazon.  Please visit our Privacy Policy and Disclosures.


  1. I am a newbie so i have questions. I joined but didnt buy anything yet. It says I will receive an email with their picks. If i didnt order am I automatically enrolled in the monthly shipment? I did not give them my bank info or address, just my first name and email address. I am understanding that if i order, I will be enrolled in the monthly program. Am I correct?

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