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10 Unique (Some sorta naughty) Activities to do with Your Honey on Valentine’s Day

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10 Unique (Some sorta naughty) Activities to do with Your Honey on Valentine’s Day

We all love getting gifts, but in all reality, your time is worth more to the person you love than the cost of even the most valuable gift. When you have been married as long as I have, cute little gifts are great, but not what you need. Let’s face it; we all need to spice things up every now and then! Here are 10 unique (Some sorta naughty ones!) activities to do with your significant other on Valentine’s Day!

#1 Take a Stroll Down Memory Lane

The restaurants are busy, the stores have millions of helpless lovers searching for the best gift, and the whole couple world has cupid on their head. Instead of joining in the chaos, take your spouse down memory lane. Visit an old park, your favorite place, or where you first met. Make it an adventure that no one else will be on.

#2 Go Skinny Dipping

Bring out your wild side. I mean you’re already together, so it’s not like your spouse will see anything forbidden. It might be cold, but the exhilaration of jumping naked into a pool of cold water with your love is sure to heat things up.

#3 Get Matching Tattoos or Piercings

Getting a tattoo or piercing certainly isn’t the norm on Valentine’s Day, but if you are both into getting a new tat or piercing, why not do it together? Pick something you both would like and make the leap.

#4 Go Sing Karaoke

Who knows, you both may be the next American Idol! Couples who sing together are couples who stay together. So, go out to your favorite Karaoke bar for a few drinks, and sing your hearts out. Of course, you could come up with a special song just for your spouse.

#5 Play Truth or Dare

Oh, come on. you know you want to know what the dare is! Just because you are coupled up doesn’t mean you don’t have secrets to tell or things you’ve never done. Have Valentine’s Truth or Dare, and see how fun and steamy your night can get.

#6 Play Your Their Favorite Video Game

Some of us have a significant other who is a hard-core gamer. Usually, it’s just one or the other that enjoy the games, so if you’re the one that isn’t too into it, surprise your SO with a game night complete with drinks, popcorn, and a little friendly competition.

#7 Be Goof Balls

They say laughter is the best medicine and that goes for having a healthy relationship as well. When you are constantly being a grown up, sometimes it’s just fun to let go and be goofballs. Here are a few ways to laugh it up:

  • Go shopping and have a cart race for everything on your list. Winner gets something from the loser.
  • Make blanket forts and tell stories.
  • See a comedy show or better yet, try an open mike night yourself!
  • Go to an arcade and play all the fun games.

#8 Become Tourists in Your Own City

Go around your city, taking pictures and acting like tourists. Pretend to be different people. Ask other people to take pictures of you, and ask them what the best places in town to do are. You may be surprised how much you can learn from other people about the city you live in.

#9 Make Memories in Your Car

Remember the days when you would go park in an exclusive part of town just to make-out? Reminisce on those adrenaline times of yore, and make some memories in your car. Figure out where “make-out hill” is in your town (probably good to know when your kids are older, too).  Bonus if you clean out all kid detritus first.  Nothing sexy about stale Cheerios stuck in your hair.

#10 Play Strip Bedroom Blackjack

This is a fun Strip Bedroom Blackjack game you can find online to spice up your life. The seductive deck lets you play games like poker, blackjack, go fish, or rummy in new and erotic ways. Just make sure if you have kids there is a babysitter!

What other unique Valentine’s Day activities have you done with your spouse? Share some fun ideas in the comments below!



This post may contain affiliate links, including Amazon.  Please visit our Privacy Policy and Disclosures.

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