Where’s the best ground beef? At Zaycon Foods of course!

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Have you been looking for a great and FRESH ground beef?  Zaycon Foods has a ground beef that is 93% lean and only 7% fat.  93/7 is what you will end up paying the most for at the grocery store.  I prefer to buy that mix because it is leaner and healthier.  I hate losing so much of what I paid for when I cook it, but sometimes 93/7 is just too pricey for the budget.  I was THRILLED to find out Zaycon Foods was going to be offering ground beef in a upcoming sale!  I don’t know about your home but we go through a lot of ground beef.   Zaycon Foods is already a brand I trust because we’ve bought their amazing chicken breasts before, so it was really easy for me to place my order and wait anxiously for the day to arrive.

The notice said 8-8:30 am and I set my alarm and told the kids we’d be leaving early to go get our beef!  What happened?  Well according to Murphy’s Law, anything can go wrong and it did!  I slept through my alarm!  Woke up in a panic and was still about 10 minutes away at 8:30 am.  I called their customer service line and she calmed me down (not an easy feat)  and she called the driver and he told her that he’d wait for me.  When I got there I was the last pick up for this stop of course.  I could have hugged that man but I didn’t (I’m sure he appreciated that).  I just let him do his job and he quickly loaded my 40 lbs of ground beef into my van.  So I can tell you from experience they are not just nice when you place the order, their team of people from the customer service representatives to the drivers are AMAZING.


I drove home and opened my box, what did I find?  Four 10-pound rolls of gorgeous looking ground beef.  Just sending me telepathic ideas for dinner!  I am in the process now of breaking it down into 1.5 lb freezer bags as well as setting tomorrow aside to do some cooking for some pre-made freezer meals.  But the best part for me is knowing that all of the beef is USDA-inspected and are monitored in compliance with all of the highest food safety standards. Before the beef is even began to be processed the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service will randomly sample the cattle under a monitoring plan and will perform testing to check for antibiotic residues.  The beef cattle through Zaycon Foods have a grass diet which is then supplemented for grains after they reach 700 pounds.  I really like that the cows are 100% raised in the USA and that there are no chemicals, additives or water added to the meat during processing.  This means there will be no pink slime.  That can be a huge turnoff when you are cooking the meat.


(this kid right here is thinking of burgers and lasagna LOL)


I trust Zaycon Foods.  I would never feed my family anything questionable in order so save money.  You can trust that the beef that you will be getting from Zaycon Foods will fall in what is considered the “super lean” category.  No greasy mess that you have to pick through in order to drain and hopefully get the best out of the beef that you are cooking.  With 7% fat, it is just enough to make sure the meat is not dry, and you get all the meat you paid for.  If you are curious check out the the product and nutrition label for the ground beef


Cooking in the skillet

Zaycon Foods knows that you need good food to be happy and healthy, and they want you to know that their food tastes great.  You can go online to place your order and you will be shocked at how much you can get for such a low price.  On the day that your local Zaycon Foods has their sales event all you have to do is bring your order confirmation with you and get all of your delicious and nutritious foods.  It’s as easy as that and you will enjoy knowing that you are getting a great and healthy product from Zaycon Foods.

Zaycon Foods is privately owned and based in Spokane, Washington.  The company got it’s start in 2009 with one thing in mind, and that was to bring fresh farm meats directly to you, the consumer, at wholesale prices.  Farmers have the best stuff and they had experienced grocery stores and they knew how to move product to keep it at it’s freshest.  They just didn’t want a middle man involved so that they could get the food directly to you from the farmer and save you some money.  When Zaycon Foods first started, they just offered a few meats in a few areas but now they have grown and grown.  They now offer all kinds of foods from milk to berries to even salmon fillets, and they just keep expanding.  They are making it a mission to come to your area so that you can experience the Zaycon Foods way for yourself.

Check out this short video About Zaycon and learn how they get you the freshest meats and produce:

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 Couponista Queen was compensated for this post.  All opinions are 100% authentic.

This post may contain affiliate links, including Amazon.  Please visit our Privacy Policy and Disclosures.

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