Get great sounding music to go with the Nakamichi® Wireless Bluetooth® Speaker

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I have been wanting a wireless Bluetooth® speaker for months, but all the ones I REALLY wanted were out of my frugal price range, so I yearned and figured that someday I would find the deal I wanted.  Fast forward a few months when I began working with the Personal Shopper program at Shop Your Way in September of this year.  I learned that the Nakamichi brand is heavily featured at Sears.  Nakamichi has been around a long time and they have a reputation pf consistently providing a quality product at a fair price.  I began looking at the line of Nakamichi® Wireless Bluetooth® Speakers and was wondering if Santa could maybe, possibly bring me one for Christmas when Sears offered me the Nakamichi Wireless Bluetooth® Speaker – Gray to review!  I could not say yes fast enough, and a few days later I had the package in my hand.

To say the setup is easy is an understatement.  I literally took it out of the box, plugged it into my charger (the battery when fully charged will give you 6 hours of music!) and paired it to my phone.  Within 5 minutes of starting to open the box I was jamming out with some tunes!  I love the portability of the unit, and the size is perfect.  Since I often blog in various parts of the house/city/country, this speaker is super easy to pack and take with me so I can have music whenever and wherever I want it.  I have had zero issues pairing the speaker with multiple Bluetooth® devices.  The speaker is very stylish and understated.  The sound quality is excellent, there is no distortion even at the highest volume level, and the deep, rich bass with a wide frequency range enhances the overall music experience.  Another feature that I am finding very useful is the hands-free speaker calling.  I can keep my fingers flying while using the hands-free calling at the push of a button for noise canceling conferencing.  I have to say that I am in deep like with this speaker, and we are now in a committed relationship!  Seriously, I am SO HAPPY that I did not waste my cash on a pricey brand.  This Nakamichi Wireless Bluetooth® Speaker is worth every penny.  BUT the best part is that when you are a Shop Your Way rewards member you can score a great deal on it PLUS earn points to spend on something else from Shop Your Way.  Like Nakamichi Bluetooth® Headphones perhaps? 

This post may contain affiliate links, including Amazon.  Please visit our Privacy Policy and Disclosures.


  1. I have a Blue Tooth Speaker and I really have enjoyed it by the pool and during the holiday months with Christmas music. I like the trendy look of this one.

  2. My hubby got one of these and they are fantastic!!!

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