Frugal DIY Homemade Mouthwash Foot Soak


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DIY Homemade Mouthwash Vinegar Foot Soak

If you are like me you’ve seen the pin’s and shares online claiming that the dead rough skin will fall off your feet when you soak them  in Listerine, vinegar and water.  Well I had a problem with this cause I’m frugal and I’m not going to use a $5 bottle of Listerine on my feet if I’m doing this at home and if I score a bottle for cheap its going in my stockpile for my pearly whites.  For $5 I can let the lady at the salon scrub away and do the job.

 What can I say if I’m going to DIY it has to save me money or else why go through the hassle?

To start with I should tell you I’m either barefoot or in flip flops cause I work at home and my feet were long ago liberated from high heels or pumps ☺  The most action my feet see are wedges LOL.  Being that the case, I’m too shy and embarrassed to share a picture but lets all take a moment and think about Fred Flintstone and what his feet surely should have looked like…there got the mental?  Ok, now moving right along…

Today I went to my favorite joint, the Dollar Tree and thought hey I can totally use their brand of Listerine looking mouthwash for this foot soak to see if I like it.

Beauty on a Budget is the way to go.


Here is what you’ll need:

1 Bottle mouth wash from the Dollar tree or comparable dollar store (2cups)

2 cups white vinegar

2 cups warm water

Mix it all in a tub

I sat down to watch Shark Tank and soaked my feet. (boy were they brutal tonight)

One thing, it feels good…tingly

Did the skin magically come off?  No.

So what happened T tell us!

Well, it cleaned my dead skin, you know you get the gnarly looking dirty heel?  I can never get that clean enough.  While I was soaking I took my $1 pumice stone and scrubbed all around and soaked again.  My feet were clean and some of the rough skin was super soft so one more time with my pumice stone and I’m super duper happy!  I can wear sandals tomorrow after some polish and won’t be hiding my feet!

So is it magical?  Nah

Would I use Listerine?  Nah, I’m frugal hello?

Will I make this again spending a $1 from the Dollar Tree?  Heck Yes!

Free Paper? Staples says Easy!

Free Paper?  Staples says Easy! 

You can get a  5 ream CASE of paper free with coupon and Easy Rebate.

I was not a lover of rebates before but after doing this with Staples a few times I’m a Beliver!  They are fast and easy.  We go through a lot of paper at home but with a deal like this its really easy to help out our schools.  So if you don’t need it maybe think about a donation for your child classroom .


Staples Paper Coupon

2014, Now What?


credit report pic

I don’t do resolutions but the start of a New Year is a good time to take a good look at yourself and take care of some housekeeping.  With that in mind I want to share one bit of advice.  As some of you are aware of I work a real gig in the outside world that has to do with consumer credit.  I can tell you a lot of people are SHOCKED when they are denied for credit and do not have any idea what is on their credit report.

So before we think about Tax Season and of Refunds lets take a minute and check our credit health.  Now is a good time to take a good hard look at our circumstances and take the necessary steps to end 2014 on a more positive note.  We all get behind or make mistakes, trust me I sure have and so instead of paying someone to help fix your credit its a good idea to see what free resources we have available to us so we can improve our standing.

Take a moment and get your free annual credit report.

The website has a lot of really great information that in this day and age of hackers and stolen identities we need to keep tabs on for our own future.  If you have something to clear up or pay down its a good time of year to take positive steps to reach these goals.

Oh and keep up with us at the Couponista Queen.  We will be helping you all year long save as much as you can so you can not only take control of your finances and live with more wiggle room but maybe pay and fix some blemishes on your credit report.





Shutterfly Free Calendar Offer!


Shutterfly Free Calendar Offer!

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Something they can treasure all year long.

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LCD Screen LED Projection Alarm Clock/ Weather Station Clock under $12 SHIPPED!


LCD Screen LED Projection Alarm Clock/ Weather Station Clock under $12 SHIPPED!

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LCD screen

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Power Supply: 3V

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Starbucks Share Joy Event this Week! BOGO Holiday Drinks!




Starbucks Share Joy Event this Week!  BOGO Holiday Drinks!

Great time to pay it forward, surprise a friend or just hoard the 2nd one LOL

Starting the 13th and going through the 17th you can score a BOGO of Starbucks Holiday Drinks from 2-5pm

Pretty Awesome!

Something else you can do on the Starbucks Site?  Well have you registered any of your gift cards?

If you do you will be emailed pretty awesome coupons and all you need to do is use the card that is registered.  You can register multiple cards or transfer balances, etc.  I had $2 off salted mocha caramel drinks last week and saving on one of my vices is always a good good thing ♥  You can go here to register your card:  Starbucks Card Register 

Hamilton Beach 22 Qt Roaster Over, Rolled Back to $39.98 and Free Ship to Store!


Hamilton Beach 22 Qt Roaster Over, Rolled Back to $39.98 and Free Ship to Store!

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White Clutch iPhone 5 Cover Under $5 SHIPPED!  


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Frugal and Easy DIY Baby Wipes!




Frugal and Easy DIY Baby Wipes!

Next to diapers these are a must have when you have a baby, heck my kids are older and I still buy baby wipes to have in the car or at home for any messes.  They are not cheap and the cheap ones are not worth the money so if you want to cut back on expenses what do you do?  Well many will say to use washcloths but I’m not into washing poopy pieces of fabric or washcloths but if you are okay with that then more power to you.  I want to pick up the mess and throw it away never to see or touch it again.

As with many DIY ideas it really depends on the person what they want to put in, but if you are a mom you already will have the ingredients to this DIY method and that’s what I want.  To DIY with stuff you already have or will buy regardless, nothing you need to go buy special to make it and incur an extra cost.

What will you need?

2 1/4 cup of water.  Some use distilled, I’m not that hard core

2 tablespoons of baby oil.  Yep you have that already!  I don’t but I have a bunch of samples.

4 tablespoons of baby wash.  Another something you already have or can get cheap.

1 roll of paper towels cut in half, two ply don’t try this with a one ply


You can get the baby supplies at the Dollar Tree for $1 each if you don’t want a specific brand.  Now about the paper towels 90% of the people that make their own wipes swear by Bounty.  I have Sparkle, cause it was free not so long ago, so that’s what I used.  I will not use Viva, I don’t even buy that when its free cause for me personally I get to much lint and we didn’t like each other but that’s just ME.  You can NOT use CHEAP paper towels cause it won’t work.


Some people don’t add oil, they like to add Aloe Vera for soothing, or some add witch hazel.  I didn’t add either because I wanted to present just a basic DIY wipe recipe that you can make as soon as you finish reading this post. Some also add fragrance but the oil and the baby wash are enough of a clean scent for me.  You can go take this and tweak it to suit you.

You mix everything up, you cut your paper towel in half and you pull out the cardboard from the middle.  When you do that then you can pull from the inner roll and have it come out continuously.   I poured the mixture in and covered it.  I shook it well, heck I did the Harlem Shake to make sure it was all nice and mixed in.

Do they work?  Well I don’t have a baby so what did I do?  Well I smeared Nutella, nice wonderful sticky sweet Nutella on my fore arm to take these baby wipes out for a spin.

Yeah it was gross but for the cause I tell you ☺


It worked!  Off it came I wiped forward and then back again and my arm is clean no stickiness left from the Nutella, also no stickiness from the soap so good on that aspect as well.  I used one wipe.  For big messes I’m sure you will need more like you do when you use regular wipes.  I’m not saying these are exactly like the pretty ones in the cute plastic boxes, what I am saying as its a great substitute if you aren’t super picky as to what you use to wipe up messes and want to save money.


Will I make more of these?  Yeah its easy enough and I didn’t need to buy anything!   They work, I actually like them to have handy cause my kids like to do crafts and stuff so this is something I’d have handy for them to clean up after themselves.   I cut a slit on the top of the cover of the plastic container but you might have something at home already.  I had these, that I bought a 3 pack at Walmart last week for $1.97 so its up to  you, I’m thinking that I can make a bigger size and recycle the plastic coffee containers I’ve been hoarding…ah er, saving for the right time.

Until next time Savers!

Have you ever wondered? Dollar Tree Left Overz Disposable Dusters, worth it or not?


Have you ever wondered?  

Dollar Tree Left Overz Disposable Dusters, worth it or not?

Monday is usually a happy day for me because I go to the Dollar Tree (yes stalkerish situation here) and I score my newspapers and all is right with the world.  This Monday I woke up in the Twilight Zone (tell me you are not young enough to automatically assume its that movie and you know about the TV Show in black and white).  I went and there were no papers, I had to go to a 2nd store and no papers again!  I was about to lick my wounds and head home but I had to cut my loses and at least meander around the store a little.

Well I’m glad I did!  I had forgotten they had the $1 version of the disposable dusters.  I had been wanting to clean, its always at the top of my list, every week.  Honest it is but one thing or another distracts me and well my house is in a good ‘lived in’ condition.  Also over the weekend I got wind that my mother in law might be swooping, ahem I mean stopping by soon, so now it has become something I really want to accomplish sooner rather then later. ☺

I decided to put these to the test.  The name brand is too much for me to even consider buying because its something I’m going to throw away.  I took it out of the package and right off the bat I will tell you that its smaller and not as fluffy looking.   But hey I’m not going to base this on looks, I’m going to base it on results.

I needed a good dusty place.  Not hard to find here in the desert let me tell you, between the Haboobs (yes real word) and the fact not a lot of people have grass I get an abundance of dust without even noticing.   Since we are like family I’ll show you the top of a light, I know this will stay between us.  I’m a little embarrassed but at 5’2 I never see this area, yep that’s my defense and I’m sticking with it.


See all that dust?  Did a great job for 33 cents per duster!  (3 in a box with one wand)

Now the name brand you can shake and the dust will stay attached, yeah don’t do that with this one.  But that does not take from the ability it has to pick up the dust.  I shook it into my wastebasket and gave it another go and I was pleased with the results.  Then I tackled the ceiling fan in my room cause you know this is the week I’m going to totally rock the house cleaning!  Oh look is that a Criminal Minds marathon?  Oh ok maybe after I watch a few episodes ☺

Save on!

Fashionable Trendy Accessory, Skull Print Scarf under $4 SHIPPED!



Fashionable Trendy Accessory, Skull Print Scarf under $4 SHIPPED!

You know what they say…accessorize!  accessorize!  accessorize!

Easier said then done, we see them in the magazines and we would love to dress like a celebrity or at least accessorize but how can we without breaking the bank?  Well I just found this trendy skull print scarf that will let you accessorize like young Hollywood without breaking the bank or a sweat!  Great gift idea too!

Hurry at under $4 shipped it won’t last long!

No Service Fee for Kmart Layaway through 11/23/2013!


No Service Fee for Kmart Layaway through 11/23/2013!

Its a great time of year to use Layaway and with no service fee its an even better time!

Right now at Kmart you can even score a 5% off select toys when you open your Layaway.  I use layaway at least twice a year.  I love to go in and put the basics like underwear, socks and towels on layaway before we actually need them.  But the best part is that they are so competitive with pricing this time of year on the toys and gifts your family wants that its totally worth checking out.  Now you can also start your layaway online and manage it online as well!  Gone are the days of having to go to the store to make your payments.

Go online today and and check them out or go to your Kmart local store.

No Service Fee Layaway is just smart shopping for all of us that try to stretch the dollars more and more.

The Children’s Place Sitewide Clearance Event! Up to 75% Off


The Children’s Place Site wide Clearance Event!  Up to 75% Off

It’s time to stock up and save!

Free Shipping on EVERY order

Save 25% on Orders over $50 with code: E942514H

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Items Starting as LOW as $1.19!

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Crescent Pumpkin Cheesecake Rolls


Crescent Pumpkin Cheesecake Rolls

Its the season for pumpkin everything!  I’ve seen this recipe all over with a few variations but using plain pumpkin.  I didn’t have plain pumpkin I had pumpkin pie filling and since I’m going to use what I have I decided to improvise.  I sorta liked using the pie filling because I didn’t need to go buy pumpkin spice since I won’t use it again I really didn’t want to add it to my little spice bottle collection.  As it is my cabinet needs spanx on certain days.

What will you need?

2 cans crescent rolls

4 oz cream cheese softened

4 oz pumpkin pie filling

2-4 oz sugar, as you prefer I used about 3 but some might want it sweeter

cinnamon and sugar to dust with before baking

plastic bat to beat off the people trying to eat them all ☺

Mix the cream cheese, sugar and pie filing together, unroll the dough like you normally do when you are going to bake crescent rolls. When extended spread the filling all over and then roll normally (try to not get any on your fingers I dare you LOL)

bake at 375 for 15-18 minutes.

One baker made a glaze for it but we passed.  My hubby likes subtle sweetness with his morning coffee not a dessert type bread so we didn’t go down that path.

I love treats that we have coupons for or usually score deals on.   How many of us don’t stock up on the refrigerated dough variations when we have coupons?   So realistically you will make 32 of these with a whole package of cream cheese and a whole can of pie filling (small one).  This is a great Autumn treat that won’t break the bank!

We have a printable coupon for crescent rolls right now if you go to the printable coupon tab on the page, here is the link:  Print and surprise your family these are so so good, it will be something they ask for all the time from now on!

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