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The Same Old “Mean” in a New Way

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We all have been mean to someone at some point in our lives.  I believe that “social media” has given rise to a new kind of “mean.”  The anonymity of not being face-to-face with someone gives a certain bravado to some, and it is easy to type something snarky and rude, and hit send without much fear of repercussion.  I have seen so many dramatic engagements online that have lead to drama and even tragedy offline, that I finally decided to write about it.
We all need to remember that human beings with real faults and feelings reside behind the profile pictures and avatars.  This is what I look like behind the Couponista Queen logo:
My name is Stacy.  I am 40-years old, and I have learned a thing or two in my time on Earth.  I am a real person, with feelings, and yet time and again I get nasty emails and comments when I **GASP** make a mistake, or someone disagrees with me.  I usually let it roll off my back.  Sometimes it really hurts.  Sometimes I have to bite off my tongue to keep from lowering myself into a mud-slinging contest.  Honestly, I sometimes write that snippy response.  But I don’t hit post before I let it sit and I revise it…and 99 times out of 100 I don’t post it at all because I know I am being bitchy.  That being said, I do stick up for myself and what I think is right.  This is my forum and I am the Queen, damn it!  (LOL I am just kidding so don’t send me a bunch of nasty emails please, I know I’m not a real Queen, but this IS my territory so I make the rules.  The first one is that if you can’t type something nice, don’t hit the send button).   To be a blogger and in the public eye, you have to expect that you will never please 100% of the people 100% of the time.  And sometimes the criticism I receive is totally justified.  I also know that I need to be polite and measured in my responses.  What I find disturbing is the ease with which some will be quick to type that mean comment, and press send, and then defend the rudeness to the end.
So why did I write this?  I would really like everyone to take a moment before you post a comment and ask yourself: “Am I posting this to me mean?  Snarky?   Snippy?  Degrading?  Am I angry and need to cool down first?” and then ask yourself  “Would I say this to someone’s face?”   We all know when we are being mean, so be a grown up and own up to it.
I want everyone to please remember that we all have feelings.   We will not all agree, but respectful conversation is the civilized and educated way to resolve things.  Whew, I got that off my chest.  So please be nice to each other here in the virtual world AND the real one.   Feel free to comment and speak your mind.   Peace.
This post may contain affiliate links, including Amazon.  Please visit our Privacy Policy and Disclosures.