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I love makeup.  I spend lots of time in the cosmetics aisles looking at all the cool new cosmetics and I have a make-up case (2 in fact) that rivals that of a professional.  And I unfortunately have a bunch of products that I have invested in that disappointed. So I was really excited to try a new makeup line called Antonym Cosmetics. I was sent:

Here is some information about Antonym Cosmetics form their Facebook page:

“We are 2 professional makeup artists who after a decade in the business decided to launch an independent line of professional makeup tools.  We decided to call it Antonym.  Antonym Cosmetics.  It stands for our belief in doing things slightly different.  Better.
The main idea behind Antonym was to create a professional line of make-up and brushes that are both more affordable and also more animal, skin- and earth friendly.  Our brushes are made out of sustainable bamboo, aluminum ferules (not plastic), and use top quality synthetic bristles that are comparable in softness and pickup to the best natural bristles.  They are completely cruelty-free, and eco-friendly.
One of the common misconceptions is that only make-up causes allergies and irritations on the skin.  The reality is that a good percentage of those irritations or allergies are caused by the animal hair in make-up brushes. Animal hair has follicles that can retain microorganisms which may cause these skin reactions. Often times women change make-up brands, while they keep using the same brushes, yet not seeing an improvement on their skin. Perhaps switching to quality synthetic hair brushes would have done the trick.
After many years of using animal hair brushes, we too were reluctant, not only to switch to synthetic hair, but to launch our entire set with only synthetic bristles.  After extensive research we finally found one type of bristle that is amazingly soft and works.  Then we used our prototype brushes on dozens of jobs over the course of twelve months to test them.  We wouldn’t dream of offering something in the marketplace that we haven’t used ourselves and that we know works exceptionally well.”

I was in LOVE with the brushes as soon as I saw them.  Supple and obviously quality materials makethese gems!  Brushes are THE key to making your eyes perfect.  I prefer sable brushes, but though they are synthetic, the Antonym brushes are soft and deposit the perfect amount of color exactly where you want it.  I was able to do everything from a regular “natural”look that I wear most days to an all-out sexy smoky eye just like a pro haddone it.  Blending is easy and fun.  The case is awesome also,keeping the brushes in order, protected, and easy to transport. No more throwing my brushes loose in a bag where they get messed up.

On to the lip gloss!  At first glance, it looked too pink and sprakly in the tube, and frankly I would never have chosen this for myself…butonce I applied it I loved the sheerness of the color, and it has just the rightamount of sparkle.  This is NOT yourdaughter’s glitter gloss!  Theconsistency is perfect, smooth and not gloppy or sticky.  This gloss has been in my bag since I firsttried it, and I may no longer be a MAC LipGlass girl.

The mineral bronzer is my favorite though.  I love the creative and stylish packaging with the sustainable and green Bamboo wood,but the best part is what is inside the case…the perfect cure to the winterblahs!  I have fair skin and no matter how lightly I apply them, mostbronzers end up making me look like a pumpkin or George Hamilton’s sister.  I normally avoid using them for this reason, so I was hesitant to try yet anotherone.  Well, color me HAPPY and with the perfectamount of color!  The bronzer is so sheerthat you can apply just the right amount, either for an all-over glow (I evenused it on my cleavage to add some color!) or to sculpt some cheekbones or put shadows just where you need to.  The bonus part: NO IRRITATION or clogging mypores and the bronzer lasted all night.

I highly recommend this line, not just from a greenand cruelty-free standpoint but from the girly girl in me: this line is fabulous andI am excited to try more.   I think Ineed some new powder and blush brushes next.  Dear Santa…

Visit Antonym Cosmetics on Facebook HERE

Want to win everything I reviewed?  Antonym Cosmetics is graciously offering one lucky US fan Antonym Cosmetics Professional 6 Brush Set – Eyes and Antonym Cosmetics Professional Mineral Bronzer and Lip Gloss Kit.  Good Luck!

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This post may contain affiliate links–Please read the Privacy Policy and Disclosures

This post may contain affiliate links, including Amazon.  Please visit our Privacy Policy and Disclosures.

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