Oh NO! We broke a new Bronzer to pieces … See how we fixed it

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Chrislie Formulations is a California based cosmetics innovator for the modern beauty enthusiast = makeup lover.  Featured on shows such as Access  Hollywood and Rachael Ray, and sold online and in top stores like Nordstrom, Chrislie Formulations creates in-house brands sought the world over.  This is a company that aims to boost a woman’s confidence with quality-made, very affordable, and easy-to-use products that magnify your beauty.  old_new_makeupAnd as a mom to a toddler I need more magnifying than others these days.  I spend a lot of time in the palace office, but I still like to look pretty darn it and there are times I do need to actually SEE other people.  I was very excited to be offered the opportunity to review several of Chrislie Formulations’ great items.  Even though I totally dropped and broke the bronzer (SORRY Chrislie!  But fear not, I have an awesome fix for that!).  So without further ado, because it IS all about the makeup after all…

​Measurable Difference® Studio Makeup Collection Train Case Makeup Kit
I really am in serious LIKE with the ​Measurable Difference® Studio Makeup Collection Train Case Makeup Kit.  It contains a nice variety of of make up great for a beginner or a young lady to gain experience with applying makeup, or to have a complete kit for traveling.  It includes 24 pans of eyeshadow, 8 lip colors, pencils for brows, lips and eyes, blushers, brushes and more!  The case is CUTE and it is convenient.  It has a handle and there is space for a good amount of make up.  This is so easy to grab and go, while not being so large that it takes up too much room in luggage (preserving valuable space for accessories, shoes and cute bags) or on a vanity.

make up review 14

Inside the make up case
make up review 5

​This is a great picture of all that the kit includes.  A nice variety of eye shadows, lip sticks and glosses, blushes, eye liner pencils, and lip liners.  It has many different shades and colors to meet any mood.  BONUS!  It also includes a small compact for the eye shadows and enough brushes to complete the kit.

Measurable Difference® Professional 6-Piece Makeup Brush Set

make up review 6
​This little Measurable Difference® Professional 6-Piece Makeup Brush Set is so nice. Not only is it pretty to look at but it has enough brushes to do a complete make up application. The brushes are of good quality and density. This high-quality set includes powder brush, eyeshadow brush, angled nose contouring brush, eyeliner brush, and an eyebrow brush comb.  The travel case makes it easy to take it with you for the day or to throw into a travel bag and go!
Measurable Difference® 6-Piece Makeup ER! Kit
Measurable Difference® 6-Piece Makeup ER! Kit
​This cute Measurable Difference® 6-Piece Makeup ER! Kit (hot pink travel case) has the essentials to use while on the go.  It includes mascara, lip gloss, contour palette, eye liner and a bronzer stick.  It is perfect to throw in your purse.  I especially like the contour kit, easy to use for face and eyes.  The lip gloss is soft and shimmery.  The mascara worked nicely, no clumping or flaking.  The brush seemed a little large to me which made it seem a little hard to apply, but in an emergency it works.  I am not a fan of liquid eye liner and am not experienced with it,  so application was not successful and we will just imagine how awful I looked hehe.  I like the bronzer stick to use on my eye lids as a quick easy shadow or on my cheeks for some quick color, especially after the gym or a fitness class.
   make up review 13
​This little Makeup ER case is super cute, small enough to fit in your purse yet large enough to fit the essentials.
Measurable Difference® Face & Body Bronzer
OK confession time…I was taking this Measurable Difference® Face & Body Bronzer out of the box and dropped it.  Naturally onto my makeup counter, which is marble, and it smashed into a bunch of pieces.  After I said *%$#, I thought well heck I know how to fix that and what a perfect time to share it with you!  Meet a little DIY tip that will save you and your fave shadow or blush or powder.  If it is a powder base, this will work.
To make the fix, you need:
1.  The evidence (aka the broken makeup) with as many pieces as you can salvage.
2.  Rubbing alcohol.
3.  A cotton swab.
Here is what you do:
Pour just enough alcohol onto the broken pieces to make them a paste that you can reform.  Use the cotton swab to get the mix together and then smooth it out.  Allow to dry completely, preferably overnight.  While not as pretty as new, it works just as well and does not harm the product.  Yay!  Easy AND frugal!
The next day after the bronzer was dry, I was finally able to try it out.  This is labeled a bronzer but this particular Pink shade I would use as more of a highlighter.  There are is a whole color palette of bronzers to choose from so you can find the shade that suits.  This has a nice little shimmer and works great to add some glow to your cheeks, under your eyebrows, on your decolletage, or anywhere you want highlight.  It is a large compact and will last a long time.  It goes on smooth and if you tap your brush before applying, it won’t fall off the brush onto area’s that you don’t want it.
I really enjoyed getting pretty with Chrislie!  Connect with Chrislie on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
Couponista Queen was compensated for this post.  Please see our Privacy Policy and Disclosures.

This post may contain affiliate links, including Amazon.  Please visit our Privacy Policy and Disclosures.

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