It’s called Extreme Couponing for a reason

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It’s called Extreme Couponing for a reason.  This reality show is anything but reality for 99% of those of us who use coupons and stockpile.  I don’t dive in dumpsters or have a coupon room with 1500 inserts in it, or 15 computers…yet what is portrayed on TV is affecting us, the 99%, in some bad ways through tighter restrictions on coupons, limits on coupons, and changing store policies that leave us all aggravated in the checkout lines.  Even the retailers are having second thoughts about participating…check out Lowes foods take on their experience HERE (Thanks fan Jill V for the link)

I have never been a fan of the show.  Anything with Extreme in the title turns me off, but I have seen a few episodes and I was impressed with stories like my friend Nathan at We Use Coupons who donated so much!  Then, there were the trainwrecks…come on, if you are storing 100 rolls of toilet paper under your kid’s beds or blowing off plans with your family to shop, then you have a bigger problem.  It is entertainment though, and it is intended to get ratings, hence the whole Extreme aspect.

Keep in mind also that there is a cost associated with all the “FREE” stuff you see these people buying.  Couponing is HARD work!  What is your time worth?  I can spend hours planning a set of trips.  AND Coupons cost money, either by buying the newspaper, ordering them online, or printing them at home (paper, ink, electricity).  So keep in mind when you watch the show that there is more to the story…

I do not light candles and gaze lovingly on my stockpile haha.  My stockpile is a tool and it lives only in the basement.  It consists of 6 tall shelves, a pantry cabinet, and a refrigerator/freezer.  I never have more than I fit there..  I rotate and keep it organized and clean!  And if you come to my house you will leave with a bag of stuff from my free” store” plus I donate on a regular basis to a local food pantry.  Food stamps cover food only, but people in need still NEED things like toiletries and diapers so I get all I can of those items when they are free.  If you coupon, please share the love and donate what you can.

I love to see people learn to use coupons.  Nothing warms my heart more than to be in a store and see several people with their binders.  Just remember, extreme couponing is NOT necessary to REALISTICALLY save your family 50% or more on a regular basis, and you can do it ethically, legally and on as small or as large a scale you like!

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Will I be watching tonight?  I think I may check out the premiere episode and see how I feel after that.  If it makes me sick…well, I have plenty of antacids in my stockpile (FREE of course)

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This post may contain affiliate links–Please read the Privacy Policy and Disclosures

This post may contain affiliate links, including Amazon.  Please visit our Privacy Policy and Disclosures.

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