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I Invested $50 in a Small Business and It is SO EASY — YOU can do this, too!

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I am not a huge gambler.  I have a hard time just giving away my money with just a slim chance I will win something, so the casinos do not see me very often.  And believe me, I understand how hard it is to earn extra money and even harder to spend that money on something that may or may not pay off.

But, as an entrepreneur, I learned that I WAS willing to gamble on a few things:


2. A decision that might involve some risk but could be well worthwhile.


I recently made a small risk decision, and I want to share it with you.  I spent $50 on a chance to make some nice residual income for my family, by investing in a NEW business called Divvee Social. Whether I want to admit it or not,  I blow $50 on stuff I cannot even remember buying, and I decided that I would stay out of the stores and restaurants for a week.  I decided to invest $50 in myself instead of splurging that $50 on unnecessary stuff, or going out to eat, or take out, or [insert the last thing(s) you blew $50 on that you got next to no value from here].  I found Divvee Social and after learning about the business model, I said, “Take my $50 please!”.

For 50 bucks, you can invest in your own business with Divvee Social, too.  A business that involves ZERO kits to buy, NO inventory to buy or store, NO products to sell at all!  NO parties to book, NOTHING to ship, etc.  – NONE of the usual things that come from owning your own MLM business.

So what is Divvee Social?  The premise is easy.  Advertisers know that more people are spending time on their mobile devices rather than reading the newspaper, or doing other things with their free time.  SO they have naturally adjusted advertising budgets to target these users! Divvee Social is a brand NEW app for Android available in the Play Store.  Currently, users can also access Divvee Social from all devices including computers via the desktop version, and the app for iOS is coming soon.  Join Divvee Social, upgrade to be an independent affiliate for $50, and you can get paid CASH for things that you probably already do, like watch videos, take surveys, and download and rate apps!  How many of us belong to sites that pay you in points, that you save up and redeem for merchandise or gift cards?  Yeah, I DO and have for years!  I would rather get paid cash, BUT Divvee Social is AWESOME because they pay affiliates in points AND in cash.  In addition, affiliates have access to the Travel portal (with wholesale pricing, a BIG WOW!) and the soon-to-come Shopping portal ( where affiliates will earn commissions on purchases!).


Watch this video to see how Divvee Social pays commissions, and how you can earn a bonus per person that signs up, till the end of May 2017 — and it will be paid to you weekly! For every person you sign up, you get one dollar, and everyone above you gets one dollar up to 10 levels. So if people under you sign affiliates up, you will benefit from that — up to 10 levels below you. This encourages focus on the teambuilding structure that will maximize your commissions EVERY MONTH.

NOTE!  There is currently NOT a free membership option, though it is coming.


Sometimes the key to a great business decision is timing.  That time is NOW to sign up with Divvee Social because this business will potentially grow by MILLIONS of members this year, and you could be positioned at the top with ME.  I am literally a few levels right below the president and the CEO!  I want to be clear: this IS a start-up and as such can fold, and you lose your initial $50 investment.  I feel like it is well planned and managed, and that it has HUGE potential.  I want all my readers to know about it before it goes big, so you have a chance to get in early.  The sooner you get in, the better your chances are of making some nice money.  I have been involved with the launch planning for a few months now, and I like what I see.  I really think for $50 a year to be an affiliate, that I can make some decent cash, with a time investment of 30-60 minutes a day to complete my activities to be active.

Want to give it a try under my team?  Sign up HERE  and then introduce Divvee to others you know who may be interested.  I am signing up my husband, too, so keep in mind that you can build a family leg and earn for each of you!  You only need to be 18 to sign up. Remember, Divvee Social is paying bonus commissions on each signup you get, paid weekly, through May 2017!  If you have any questions, email me through the contact me form and I will be in touch.


This post may contain affiliate links, including Amazon.  Please visit our Privacy Policy and Disclosures.

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