HOT Black Friday News on Hatchimals!!

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The Walmart Black Friday 2016 Ad is advertising Hatchimals for only $48.88.  Since they are SOLD OUT everywhere and people are literally stalking delivery trucks and offering bribes for them, for Walmart to decide to feature these elusive egg hatching creatures in their Black Friday ad needs be based on the certain availability of a (hopefully) very large inventory of Hatchimals. 

The maker of Hatchimals, Spin Master, has warned consumers that the demand for Hatchimals is outpacing supply this Holiday season. They set exceptions for increased supply coming in 2017.  Walmart hopefully is hoarding Hatchimals in their warehouses for the Walmart Black Friday sale. 

There is no information about how many Hatchimals Eggs each Walmart store will have in stock OR if the deal will also be available online, OR how they plan to place these in the store on Black Friday.  The only thing known for sure is that they will GO FAST and hopefully without incident.

Walmart did mention the $48.88 Hatchimals Black Friday deal in their Black Friday 2016 ad announcement, which gives the deal additional attention and makes us think that they have a substantial inventory.  Of course, substantial will still mean that many will go without the most popular toy of the 2016 Holiday season.  

If you want a chance at these BE READY!  Walmart will once again be open on Thanksgiving Day. The 6PM store opening time is the same time as last year. Wristbands for their Doorbuster Deals could be handed out as early as 2 hours before the Walmart Black Friday 2016 sale begins. Ask at your local Walmart store to see how they are doing things this year in order to prepare your shopping schedule.  Plan to be at the store very early to secure your place in line outside!


WIN a Hatchimal! The HOTTEST TOY of the Holiday Season!

This post may contain affiliate links, including Amazon.  Please visit our Privacy Policy and Disclosures.


  1. My husbands store is only getting 16 total

  2. Mary Lemmons

  3. Looks like a way to end up dead.

  4. My daughter wants one so bad

  5. Michelle McQuillen

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