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Thanks to Nirra of Mystery Shopping Teacher for writing this Guest Post!

People are always looking for ways to make a little extra money now and then.  It is so hard to make ends meet in this economy.  If you are willing to be a little creative, you might be able to find a way to make a little extra money without having to find a new job. One way that you can get a little extra money is to try mystery shopping.  Mystery shopping is also called secret shopping.  Mystery shopping is a way for consumers to evaluate businesses.  All different types of businesses use mystery shoppers to evaluate the services that their employees provide.  Some businesses that use mystery shoppers are fast food restaurants, sit down restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, and more.  There are even mystery shops where you pretend that you want to test drive a car.  How fun!? There is no end to the types of mystery shops available if you look around.  Mystery shoppers go into a business and evaluate the services that the average customer receives.  They observe the surroundings and give a report to the business.  They do it discreetly though.  They don’t walk in and announce that they are a mystery shopper and they try not to make anyone suspect that they are the mystery shopper.  Every business has standards and they teach their employees to treat customers a certain way because they want repeat customers.  So here is what mystery shopping is not about:  Looking for all the bad stuff in the business you’re shopping – Telling on the employees – Being treated like a rock star because you’re the mystery shopper.

Mystery shopping is not all about pointing out all of the negatives that you see when you shop a business.  Companies provide the criteria that they want you to notice when you sign up for a shop and that is what you need to focus on.  You can, of course, put your observations as well but your main focus is on the questions the company has.   Mystery shopping is not about telling on the employees.  You aren’t supposed to be snooping around to try to catch the employees doing wrong.  You will likely be asked to describe what the employees are doing but you shouldn’t be going out of your way to catch them doing wrong.  Don’t expect special treatment just because you are a mystery shopper.  If you are mystery shopping, you normally keep that fact to yourself.  Your goal is to tell the experience that the average customer has when they enter the business.  If you tell the employees that you are the mystery shopper and that is not one of the requirements of the shop, you won’t get paid for your work.  Some mystery shops require you to reveal the fact that you are the mystery shopper but that is usually after you have already you’re your observation so you don’t get any type of special treatment.  So here is the thing about mystery shopping- you can make good money with it.  I am a teacher full time, but I still do mystery shops on the side every now and then if the price is right. I would say that you can realistically expect to make from $100-$600 per week as a mystery shopper.  It will take you a little time to work your way up to making the higher end of that spectrum. You can make more money if you are willing to work more. I would definitely recommend mystery shopping to those who want to make a little extra money.  I recommend it to my personal friends who want to make a little extra money on the side. My suggestion would be to just get out there and give it a try! You might really like it. 

Nirra blogs about mystery shopping on her blog, Mystery Shopping Teacher.  Check out one of her posts about mystery shopping to learn how you too can get started as a mystery shopper!


This post may contain affiliate links–Please read the Privacy Policy & Disclosures

This post may contain affiliate links, including Amazon.  Please visit our Privacy Policy and Disclosures.

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