{Guest Post} Coupons aren’t just for mommies!

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Thanks to Coupon Clippin’ Daddy for this post.  He is an awesome blogger and friend! 

“When I was asked to write this guest post,on men and coupons, I wondered for a bit on how I would tackle the subject athand. After some careful thought, I decided to write about my experience as a“Coupon Clippin’ Daddy”, and hopefully help all you ladies out there get theman in your life interested in the couponer lifestyle. There are some of youout there who have husbands that just don’t understand the whole concept ofcutting coupons, seeking out store deals, planning shopping trips, etc. You’veseen that disgusted look hundreds of times as you’ve reached for thosescissors. I would also bet that you’ve also encountered (in one form ofanother) the line “real men don’t clip coupons!” Does this sound familiar ladies?Hey guys…real men DO USE coupons!

My inbox has been flooded with countlesse-mails over the past 18 months expressing your frustrations. The most commonthread is that your guy can’t get it through his thick head that you are tryingvery hard to save your family some money. If you had told me five-years agothat I would be so passionate about coupons, and spending a few hours a dayfinding ways to save money, I probably would have laughed at you! With thatbeing said, let me share with you how I got “hooked” on the coupon lifestyle.Please be sure to have your man reads this post too, as I’ll have some wordsdirected toward him later on!

Soon after our son was born in early 2007, Iwas faced with the reality of spending countless (hundreds…even thousands) ofdollars on diapers, wipes and formula. I was thinking to myself, is there anyway to save some cash on these items other than sales? Thanks to my wife’sdoctor signing us up, I started to notice that the FREE sampleswe were getting in the mail came with high-value coupons attached. I sat downone night and started to plan out if using all these coupons really would saveus some cash. It turned out they would save us a significant amount, but Istill wasn’t convinced. My dear wife said “let’s go shopping at Target andsee!”

I can still picture the guy behind us inline at Target; his facial expression said it all. “I’m in line for a stinkingpackage of socks, and this guy has the nerve to use coupons!”, at least that’swhat I read from it. His expression was soon to change, as he saw and heard thefinal tally for our big post-birth shopping trip. Our $100+ shopping spreeturned into a mere $46 one, and that impatient gentleman behind us now stoodthere like a deer in headlights! He couldn’t believe how much we’d saved. I wasnow “hooked”, and coupons were my new best friend! To fuel my passion forcoupons was the discovery of coupon blogs (or deal sites, etc.). I went tothese sites daily to get my coupon fix, and quickly noticed the shortage ofmale coupon bloggers. I then decided to get into the blogging game, as I wantedto help otherpeople save money like I was doing for our family. Hence, theCoupon Clippin’ Daddy site was born , and the rest they say is history!

Now it’s time for the men to pay attention!  Please say “Real men USE coupons” ten times fast and you’ll be hooked as well(just kidding)! But seriously men, why aren’t you using coupons? Companies putthese coupons out there for a reason…to save you money!  Save that extra cash fora nice family vacation, or maybe a new flat-screen TV.

With a couple hours a day of research, andan hour or two of shopping on the weekend, I typically save our family around50% off our groceries each week.  Some weeks it’s higher, some others it’s lower,as it all depends on the sales going on at the time.  Be patient and visit someof the coupon blogs, like Coupon Clippin’ Daddy, to get a feel for what offersare out there. With some time you’ll be clippin’ coupons like a pro, andthanking your female counterpart too!  Please feel free to contact me with anyquestions.  Happy clipping!”

This post may contain affiliate links, including Amazon.  Please visit our Privacy Policy and Disclosures.

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