Frugal and Easy DIY Baby Wipes!

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Frugal and Easy DIY Baby Wipes!

Next to diapers these are a must have when you have a baby, heck my kids are older and I still buy baby wipes to have in the car or at home for any messes.  They are not cheap and the cheap ones are not worth the money so if you want to cut back on expenses what do you do?  Well many will say to use washcloths but I’m not into washing poopy pieces of fabric or washcloths but if you are okay with that then more power to you.  I want to pick up the mess and throw it away never to see or touch it again.

As with many DIY ideas it really depends on the person what they want to put in, but if you are a mom you already will have the ingredients to this DIY method and that’s what I want.  To DIY with stuff you already have or will buy regardless, nothing you need to go buy special to make it and incur an extra cost.

What will you need?

2 1/4 cup of water.  Some use distilled, I’m not that hard core

2 tablespoons of baby oil.  Yep you have that already!  I don’t but I have a bunch of samples.

4 tablespoons of baby wash.  Another something you already have or can get cheap.

1 roll of paper towels cut in half, two ply don’t try this with a one ply


You can get the baby supplies at the Dollar Tree for $1 each if you don’t want a specific brand.  Now about the paper towels 90% of the people that make their own wipes swear by Bounty.  I have Sparkle, cause it was free not so long ago, so that’s what I used.  I will not use Viva, I don’t even buy that when its free cause for me personally I get to much lint and we didn’t like each other but that’s just ME.  You can NOT use CHEAP paper towels cause it won’t work.


Some people don’t add oil, they like to add Aloe Vera for soothing, or some add witch hazel.  I didn’t add either because I wanted to present just a basic DIY wipe recipe that you can make as soon as you finish reading this post. Some also add fragrance but the oil and the baby wash are enough of a clean scent for me.  You can go take this and tweak it to suit you.

You mix everything up, you cut your paper towel in half and you pull out the cardboard from the middle.  When you do that then you can pull from the inner roll and have it come out continuously.   I poured the mixture in and covered it.  I shook it well, heck I did the Harlem Shake to make sure it was all nice and mixed in.

Do they work?  Well I don’t have a baby so what did I do?  Well I smeared Nutella, nice wonderful sticky sweet Nutella on my fore arm to take these baby wipes out for a spin.

Yeah it was gross but for the cause I tell you ☺


It worked!  Off it came I wiped forward and then back again and my arm is clean no stickiness left from the Nutella, also no stickiness from the soap so good on that aspect as well.  I used one wipe.  For big messes I’m sure you will need more like you do when you use regular wipes.  I’m not saying these are exactly like the pretty ones in the cute plastic boxes, what I am saying as its a great substitute if you aren’t super picky as to what you use to wipe up messes and want to save money.


Will I make more of these?  Yeah its easy enough and I didn’t need to buy anything!   They work, I actually like them to have handy cause my kids like to do crafts and stuff so this is something I’d have handy for them to clean up after themselves.   I cut a slit on the top of the cover of the plastic container but you might have something at home already.  I had these, that I bought a 3 pack at Walmart last week for $1.97 so its up to  you, I’m thinking that I can make a bigger size and recycle the plastic coffee containers I’ve been hoarding…ah er, saving for the right time.

Until next time Savers!

This post may contain affiliate links, including Amazon.  Please visit our Privacy Policy and Disclosures.


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