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DIY Homemade Stain and Spot Treatment

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DIY Homemade Stain and Spot Treatment


Continuing her quest for frugality, Princess Thanya now tackles homemade stain and spot treatment.  If you LIKE this post, please share if or Pin this DIY Stain and Spot Remover Recipe on Pinterest.

Princess Thanya…During my research I found that many that make their own detergent use that same detergent found HERE — undiluted — to treat stains on their clothes before the wash.

Seems like a fantastic idea since I already have a 10 gallon bucket filled with my DIY Homemade Detergent.


I bought a kids size sports bottle at the Dollar Tree and filled it up with my custardy detergent.  Happily (or not) I had discovered just today that my son had a nose bleed “a couple nights ago” he guessed????  lol BOYS!  So we had a set-in, days old blood stain on a white pillow to test.  No time like the present to check this method out.


I took my sports bottle and applied the mixture directly to the stain.  I bought this type of bottle over a spray bottle because I liked that I could directly apply to the stained area and it would stick, and wanted this method since my detergent was not watered down.  I purposely missed a little spot to see how well the stain remover would work.


I let it sit for 30 min before throwing it in the washer.


Now to be perfectly honest with you, sometimes I do have my doubts.  Especially with this stain in particular.  Since it was blood and a couple days old I really thought I had set myself for failure.  BUT I WAS WRONG!  The Pillow came out WHITE!  There IS a small spot where I didn’t apply the stain treatment.  WOW.  Shout has just lost this customer.  I can make my own!   Next week I will post another recipe that I found for DIY Stain Treater and Spot Spray.


(Can you see the little spot I left?)

The Quest continues, stay tuned ☺

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This post may contain affiliate links, including Amazon.  Please visit our Privacy Policy and Disclosures.


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