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Score FREE printable coupons and search my FREE coupon database as well.

Are you a Shop Your Way Rewards member?  Join my Shop Your Way Facebook group to connect with other Shop Your Way members!  We have a very active and awesome community and would love to have you with us.  Personal Shopping with Stacy 

Hot Deals at the Dollar Tree this week!

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Hot Deals at the Dollar Tree this week!

Make sure to stop by at your local Dollar Tree this week.

The deals are INSANE!

My favorite find was the Leslie Sasone Work out DVD

You can’t beat the other deals, I picked up fruit cups for our weeks lunches

Remember that the Dollar Tree accepts coupons so always make sure to check before you go or check out our coupon database HERE to ensure you get even more savings!

Lady B’s Budget Boredom Busters: DIY Homemade Frugal Flower Pen!



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Lady B’s Budget Boredom Busters: DIY Homemade Frugal Flower Pen!!

My daughter B is in a constant state of movement and creativity.  I had no clue I’d be on my toes so much.  My son is quieter but my Bumble Bee, wow!  So we were a little bored (lie, she was I could have used a nap, but noooooo),so off we went to the 99 cent store.  Between this store and the Dollar Tree, I find a lot of what we need to keep our creativity quota up and our boredom meter down.

What will you need?

Flower tape, its green

Silk Flower or flowers

Florist Foam, optional

Pen or pens, go crazy make a garden

Wire cutters (also a find at the 99 cent store or Dollar Tree)

Glue Gun (or crazy glue up to you).

Bored child

Willing Parent

unnamed (13)

The green tape, the flower (in its little pot),  the foam (not shown) and wire cutters were all from the 99 Cent Store  The Pen is from my school supply stash from last year and I think I paid like 25 cents for the pack at Staples.  I have the glue gun.  Now with this little flower that we bought, we didn’t need the foam or a container to put it in because it came with its own (I like to have a little pot but its optional).  I also like to take ribbon and glue in around the pot adding a bow for added decoration.

PicMonkey Collageflower

I picked this one because it had leaves. I took it apart and inserted the leaves into the pot, you can add glue if you like I think I may add moss or something to cover the foam (I didn’t for this because I’m making this frugal and you will use what you have at home).  Then I started on the pen, I cut the flower and attached it with the florist tape to the pen and wrapped around.  Going up and down the pen to fully cover.  I do not end this at the bottom, a lot of people do but it will come undone that way with use.  You need to keep wrapping back up to the top and use your glue gun to secure because this isn’t sticky tape.

PicMonkey Collageflower4


My daughter got the hang of this and loved it.  She plans on making a few more to have and to give one to her new teacher.  We also have a little craft fair at a local ice cream shop and she may set up to sell a few to get her feet wet in having her own business (she’d fry in Phoenix with a lemonade stand).   I have made these and put them in a jar to look like a bunch of flowers, I’ve wrapped single ones in cellophane as party favors, so many ways to use these and make them fancy.  You can totally take this and run with it and make it your own.  I like this option a lot.  The Flower tape will last for many many pens, and depending on if you buy single or a bunch of flowers at the 99 Cent store or at Walmart you can make a lot cool gifts made with lots of love for a little dinero.

Cause well really, Frugal Moms and their Kids Rock.

Frugal DIY Homemade Mouthwash Foot Soak


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DIY Homemade Mouthwash Vinegar Foot Soak

If you are like me you’ve seen the pin’s and shares online claiming that the dead rough skin will fall off your feet when you soak them  in Listerine, vinegar and water.  Well I had a problem with this cause I’m frugal and I’m not going to use a $5 bottle of Listerine on my feet if I’m doing this at home and if I score a bottle for cheap its going in my stockpile for my pearly whites.  For $5 I can let the lady at the salon scrub away and do the job.

 What can I say if I’m going to DIY it has to save me money or else why go through the hassle?

To start with I should tell you I’m either barefoot or in flip flops cause I work at home and my feet were long ago liberated from high heels or pumps ☺  The most action my feet see are wedges LOL.  Being that the case, I’m too shy and embarrassed to share a picture but lets all take a moment and think about Fred Flintstone and what his feet surely should have looked like…there got the mental?  Ok, now moving right along…

Today I went to my favorite joint, the Dollar Tree and thought hey I can totally use their brand of Listerine looking mouthwash for this foot soak to see if I like it.

Beauty on a Budget is the way to go.


Here is what you’ll need:

1 Bottle mouth wash from the Dollar tree or comparable dollar store (2cups)

2 cups white vinegar

2 cups warm water

Mix it all in a tub

I sat down to watch Shark Tank and soaked my feet. (boy were they brutal tonight)

One thing, it feels good…tingly

Did the skin magically come off?  No.

So what happened T tell us!

Well, it cleaned my dead skin, you know you get the gnarly looking dirty heel?  I can never get that clean enough.  While I was soaking I took my $1 pumice stone and scrubbed all around and soaked again.  My feet were clean and some of the rough skin was super soft so one more time with my pumice stone and I’m super duper happy!  I can wear sandals tomorrow after some polish and won’t be hiding my feet!

So is it magical?  Nah

Would I use Listerine?  Nah, I’m frugal hello?

Will I make this again spending a $1 from the Dollar Tree?  Heck Yes!

Have you ever wondered? Dollar Tree Left Overz Disposable Dusters, worth it or not?


Have you ever wondered?  

Dollar Tree Left Overz Disposable Dusters, worth it or not?

Monday is usually a happy day for me because I go to the Dollar Tree (yes stalkerish situation here) and I score my newspapers and all is right with the world.  This Monday I woke up in the Twilight Zone (tell me you are not young enough to automatically assume its that movie and you know about the TV Show in black and white).  I went and there were no papers, I had to go to a 2nd store and no papers again!  I was about to lick my wounds and head home but I had to cut my loses and at least meander around the store a little.

Well I’m glad I did!  I had forgotten they had the $1 version of the disposable dusters.  I had been wanting to clean, its always at the top of my list, every week.  Honest it is but one thing or another distracts me and well my house is in a good ‘lived in’ condition.  Also over the weekend I got wind that my mother in law might be swooping, ahem I mean stopping by soon, so now it has become something I really want to accomplish sooner rather then later. ☺

I decided to put these to the test.  The name brand is too much for me to even consider buying because its something I’m going to throw away.  I took it out of the package and right off the bat I will tell you that its smaller and not as fluffy looking.   But hey I’m not going to base this on looks, I’m going to base it on results.

I needed a good dusty place.  Not hard to find here in the desert let me tell you, between the Haboobs (yes real word) and the fact not a lot of people have grass I get an abundance of dust without even noticing.   Since we are like family I’ll show you the top of a light, I know this will stay between us.  I’m a little embarrassed but at 5’2 I never see this area, yep that’s my defense and I’m sticking with it.


See all that dust?  Did a great job for 33 cents per duster!  (3 in a box with one wand)

Now the name brand you can shake and the dust will stay attached, yeah don’t do that with this one.  But that does not take from the ability it has to pick up the dust.  I shook it into my wastebasket and gave it another go and I was pleased with the results.  Then I tackled the ceiling fan in my room cause you know this is the week I’m going to totally rock the house cleaning!  Oh look is that a Criminal Minds marathon?  Oh ok maybe after I watch a few episodes ☺

Save on!

Have you ever wondered? Dollar Tree Stor-It Covers, worth it or not?


Have you ever wondered?  Dollar Tree Stor-It Covers, worth it or not?

Recently while I was meandering through Dollar Tree (yes I meander a lot ) this little box caught my eye.  I remember a name brand selling these in pastel colors a while ago and charging about 3 times as much.  There are times when you need to cover a salad, left over fruit, cookies for a party, etc and you don’t want to use aluminum foil to throw away after an hour and I don’t know about you but I engage in mortal combat with plastic wrap (and I usually lose 🙁 ).

Well do these cute covers work?

Heck yes!  I use them all the time!  I use them to cover a salad before serving, left over fruit, even a small salsa bowl.  They have elastic bands and they hold, not airtight but they hold and they work!  You get 20 FOR A BUCK!  I rinse them out and let them dry on my dish rack and keep reusing.  I fell in love with these little covers and needed to spread the word!

In a bowl…on its own…on a glass…anywhere!

1000605_10151775991305674_113068037_n 1388560_10151776694035674_1223202585_n


These will come in super handy during this season where there are more potlucks and food everywhere.

Until next time Savers!


Have you ever wondered? Dollar Tree Scrub Buddies Cleaning Erasers, Worth it or Not?


Have you ever wondered?  Dollar Tree Scrub Buddies Cleaning Erasers, Worth it or Not?  

I kept walking past them at the Dollar Tree.  Hardly ever buying the name brand cause I think they are too expensive I sorta had given up on using them around the house.  But the other day I figured, why not?  A 2 pack for $1, you can’t beat that price so it was worth the gamble and the expense to finally know the truth!

In my pre-frugal life I had bought the name brand ones, I thought they were handy and did the job.  Post-Frugal me just didn’t see the reason to make the expense.  What does the box promise to do?  Clean crayon and scuff marks…in a house with a 7 and 10 year old I was bound to find these with ease.  Which I did!

We bought my daughter a cute vanity and inside the drawer we found she had decorated it with blue crayon.  Ok, my first opponent the box says to get the sponge wet, and squeeze out the extra water.  Now I was ready.


I need to find a harder opponent cause this crayon was HISTORY!


I moved on, I spied a scuff mark on the door to my sons room.


A little rubbing with the same eraser, and GONZO!


After this I was trying to find something else to use this eraser on, and I found my next opponent in my daughters white dress shoes, all scuffed up in the front.  I wasn’t so sure my little eraser was going to be able to take care of business but boy was I WRONG!   Faster then I could say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, the scuff marks were ERASED!


I’m a definite believer in the Dollar Trees Scrub Buddies Cleaning Erasers.  I was so happy I handed each of my little darlings their own cleaning eraser and had them clean the doors!  I’m going to keep a few on hand and make sure to gift their new teachers a couple when school starts.  I can totally see them putting these to good use.

Until next time Savers!

Have you ever wondered? Dollar Tree Carpet Cleaner, worth it or not?


Have you ever wondered?  Dollar Tree Carpet Cleaner, worth it or not?

Since I’m a Mom, I own a minivan.  A martyr of a minivan really.  Poor thing has been abused by my kids which is why I do not want to upgrade my car for another year or two because I want to ride their messy age a little longer.  That being said I can not splash money out frequently to get the interior carpets washed at the local car wash.  That’s why a $1 carpet cleaner sounded like a great idea to me.

Now the next picture is a little embarrassing but I will show you.  The mat on my daughters side is a stained mess.  I didn’t expect all the stains to come out but I did want to spruce it up a bit.


The directions will have you spray the foam, use a sponge or a wet rag to spread it around and let it dry for one hour, afterwards you need to vacuum.  I was worried that this stuff was going to be too harsh and I’d get discoloration.  No such thing!  I like how my mat looks, and I’m going to had my son a nice sponge and have him do the rest of my car!


I also did a smell test and it was fresh smelling.


Until next time!  I can’t wait to go back and pick something else out to try out ☺

Dollar Tree | Deals and Coupon Match-ups starting 8/26/12

Dollar Tree

Image: ©Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree stores are now accepting coupons!  Make sure you print the Dollar Tree coupon policy.  Review it, print it, and take it with you.  

Remember that your market may vary on availability.  

Please be patient with the cashiers and managers as they learn how to accept coupons. 

MAKE sure YOU are using coupons correctly.  Check sizes, quantity, etc on the coupon to make sure that it really does apply to the item you see.


Maybelline Cool Swirl Eye Cream $1

Post Shredded Wheat $1

Scotch Tape 2 pack $1

  • $0.25/1 Scotch Magic Tape Product, exp. 10/31/12 (SS 08/05/12)
  • Final Price $.75

Rose Art Glue Sticks $1

  • $1/3 RoseArt Product, exp. 10/7/12 (RP 07/29/12)
  • Final Price: $.66

Comet Powder Cleaner $1

  • $0.75/1 Comet Stainless Steel Spray, Cream Cleanser & Polish or Powder Cleanser, exp. 10/1/12 (ALL YOU May ’12)
  • $0.75/1 Comet Product, exp. 9/1/12 (ALL YOU Apr ’12)
  • Final Price: $.25

Comet Spray Cleaner $1

  • $0.75/1 Comet Product, exp. 9/1/12 (ALL YOU Apr ’12)
  • Final Price: $.25

Softsoap Bodywash 7.5oz

  • $0.75/1 SoftSoap Body Wash, exp. 11/30/12 (Set Them Up For Success)
  • $1/2 SoftSoap Body Wash or Bar Soap, exp. 9/1/12 (SS 08/12/12 R)
  • $0.50/1 SoftSoap Body Wash or Bar Soap, exp. 9/1/12 (SS 08/12/12)
  • Final Price as low as $.25

Dial Basic Bars $1

  • $0.35/1 Dial Liquid or Foaming Hand Soap or Bars, exp. 9/8/12 (RP 08/19/12)
  • Final Price: $.65

Hamburger Helper 6.7oz $1

  • $0.75/3 Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper, Chicken Helper, Tuna Helper Skillet Meals, exp. 10/13/12 (SS 08/19/12 R)
  • $0.75/3 Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper or Chicken Helper Home Cooked Skillet Meals, exp. 10/13/12 (SS 08/19/12 R)
  • $1/3 Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper or Chicken Helper Home Cooked Skillet Meals, exp. 10/13/12 (SS 08/19/12)
  • $0.75/3 Hamburger Helper or Chicken Helper Home Cooked Skillet Meals, exp. 9/29/12 (GM 08/05/12)
  • $0.75/3 Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper or Chicken Helper Home Cooked Skillet Meal, exp. 9/8/12 (SS 07/15/12)
  • $0.75 off 3 any flavor Hamburger Helper mixes
  • $0.75/3 Hamburger Helper, Chicken Helper, or Home Cooked Skillet Meals printable
  • Final Price $.75 each WYB 3


Thanks Dollar Store Deals!

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