Busy Kids, Happy Meals – Make a DIY Placemat Puzzle Craft

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DIY Placemat Puzzle

Make meals more fun with this interactive placemat puzzle.  Easy to make with supervision from ages 3+.  Cheap and fun craft for kids.

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This is the time of year when you have more kids over to your house for dinner or snacks.  But sometimes you don’t have little ones anymore so what are you going to do? Hand them your iPad while taking a few Advils for the migraine you are going to have worrying about your tablet?  LOL  you need a more creative entertaining solution.  When my kids were little I always carried around a lot of stuff but sometimes you just can’t bring the right things with you.   If you are the  hostess you want to make even the youngest guest feel at home so Mom and kick back and relax a bit.

Have a placemat that will keep them busy and won’t set you back $10 ☺!

I’ve seen this made only with the foamy placemats the flat plastic ones will have sharp edges so don’t use those.

I stopped by the 99 Cent Store today and they had lots of festive ones to choose from for 99 Cents so the price is right, especially if its not a present, and you are going to have more then one child over so you don’t want to break the bank.  I’ve seen people draw out pieces that look like puzzles so it will depend on your level of craftiness.  If you are a novice crafter like me this will be perfect.    I’d use cookie cutters and shapes you have or can easily draw, larger pieces for younger kids and kids 3-5 maybe smaller shapes or letters?  If you choose a snow flake pattern like this how about using circles to make a snowman?

What are you going to need?

Cheap foamy placemats

exacto, utility or craft knife and a safe surface to cut on


cookie cutter, ruler, anything you can use to make a shape

15 minutes ☺

Make sure to cut out the shapes for all of the younger kids, and closely supervise the older ones.


I made a real simple one, 4 shapes I think for a young toddler.  You can run with this craft and make it your own.  Once it all fits back in place to the frame of the puzzle they can eat on top of it and then take it home!  I like this method because it holds a frame to pop in the shapes but you can draw interlocking puzzle shapes for a preschooler.




This post may contain affiliate links, including Amazon.  Please visit our Privacy Policy and Disclosures.

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