$32.14 MONEYMAKER on 5 Pair of Girl’s Jeans at KMART!

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Here is how to score the very best deals at Kmart and Sears!

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  2. $32.14 MONEYMAKER on 5 Pair of Girl’s Jeans at Kmart! The Piper Girl’s Skinny Jeans are $11.69! Add 5 to your cart! Go to the Deal center and look for a $5 off $30 apparel! You will get $10 Back on a $35 School Purchase. You will get $10 Back on a $30 Sears or Kmart Purchase (1 per member). You will get $15 back for every $15 Spent on Girl’s Jeans (Cap of $50). SYW MAX Members get $20 Back on a $50 Apparel Purchase. You will pay $53.45. With Base Points you will get back a total of $85.59! After Points Back this is a $32.14 MONEYMAKER! Check my screenshot of my cart below!
    There are other Girl’s jeans but these give the most bang for your buck but if they are not to your liking just play around and make sure the ones you are picking qualify! Happy Shopping! OH! AND don’t forget to use Befrugal for 4% Cashback!

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This post may contain affiliate links, including Amazon.  Please visit our Privacy Policy and Disclosures.


  1. Wow! Just when I thought this deal couldn’t get any better!

  2. So is it just me or did there used to be a size 9 jeans in little girls? We went yesterday and tried getting my niece new jeans. Shes a kindergartner who is really tall and an 8 isn’t tall enough when she bends over theres too much crack. However waste wise they fit, and lenght wise. There isn’t a 9 at most kmart or a couple other places we tried they went straight to from 8 to 10. The 10’s flare out at the hips it looks like she’s wearing Mountie pants. And the tiny terrorist only wears the elastic waist pants because the buttons hurt her belly button!!!!! We didn’t try pennys yet or justice; after Sams, kmart, and walmart we were fed up! I guess I’ll have to look online and see what I can find…..

  3. It’s always harder to find elastic waist bands in children’s or adult’s sizes! Yes, I have worn the elastic waist bands (with tops out) for a couple of decades now! LOL Way back in grade school, I had a friend who was so very, very thin; her parents had someone make her clothes with elastic waist bands. I wonder if someone could take off a regular waist band off a regular pair of jeans and add on an elastic one to help her? Have no idea of how much it would cost, though.

  4. of course they would have this deal after I spent up all of my points yesterday. I could have got them and donated them to the clothes closet in my town.

  5. Has anyone who ordered these had problems getting points? I ordered 10 pairs (5 girls and 5 boys.. they were separate deals) and used my VIP coupon for $30 back with $100 purchase. I got $85 but was supposed to get $186. I’m not sure, but it may be because 4 pairs haven’t shipped yet.

    • It is likely that you will get the remainder when they ship. If NOT awarded when they show delivered, definitely contact them. The CS is excellent.

      • Thanks Stacy, I called them this morning and they want me to email them my emails from Kmart. She couldn’t just award them to me because of the amount. I am hoping they just show up when my last few items ship. I did email them last night about it and I got a response today saying what I got is right and those are just estimates… I am NOT giving up that $100 that easily haha

      • The rest of my items finally shipped and got the remainder of my points! $82 moneymaker!!

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